Sync it Up Sports provides a variety of services aimed at educating coaches, parents and players.  We believe players, no matter how young or old are capable of learning just about anything if presented in the right way.  It is our mission to take best practices in the areas of child development, sports psychology and coaching and bring them to you in practical and easy-to-use ways so coaches, players, and parents will all be "in-sync" with developing the complete athlete and team.

Workshops & Consulting

Sync it Up Sports provides workshops & consulting services for parent, coach, and player groups across all sports & activites. We can come visit your group and provide a fun, educational, and customized workshop!

Group Events & Camps


Sync it Up Sports offers customized team camps and group events.  Events focus on sport & health-specific topics as well as social-communication skills & team-building skills that will enhance and further develop performance.

Team Workbooks


Sync-It-Up Mental Fitness Workbooks include a comprehensive curriculum with original activities that facilitate team-building and help develop the social-communication and mental skills needed for athletes today.  CLICK HERE for more information.

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